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David Tennant about “Time Travel” in The Real History of Science Fiction First Episode.

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Look how Susan touch on his hair, and him gives two kisses in her baby bump, one for Susan and one for Exton… I Love Them… They’re the perfect couple, not for the red carpets or public events, but for how they love each other… Can you see that…?

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Happy 43rd birthday, David! (April 18th, 1971) 

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April 18, 1971

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Happy 43rd Birthday to a talented actor, an amazing husband and father, David Tennant (born David John McDonald; 18 April 1971)

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Freckles and scruff.

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So, later we went back to Oak Bay to grab a bite to eat and check out all the set while no one was filming. They are super detailed from fake stickers, down to newspapers and they even use real food for prop pieces (I had no idea about this as the flowers and trees were fake so I assumed everything was). There is a crew member that makes you do a double take because he looks so much like DT, but even funnier there is one that looks like Peety D. We almost went over and asked for pictures (because we’re dorks like that and were running on little sleep plus the high of meeting and getting to touch DT in his sexy scruffiness).

Anyways, so we walked down to watch them film over by the Gracepoint Journal which was filming with Kevin Zegers and Nick Nolte and then DT and Anna’s stand ins. After watching that for a while including a wonderful drunk couple who were intent on walking through the set while filming it was obvious DT wasn’t going to be there. So, with a suspicion and some conversation we figured he was filming at the other location. We’re driving over there and they didn’t have the road closed and my windows were down and the music was on and we were all in the car and all of a sudden who I son the flipping side of the road? Yep, so Ardis (who gets very excited about things and I’m not exaggerating here) kinda flips out and everyone in the car screams (or maybe it was just me and it was really loud not quite sure) and I hurry to go park and he’s standing on the road in his Carve outfit but they haven’t started filming because he just got there and awe yeah! Rock star status.

We’re watching and it become very apparent very fast what scene they are filming and I’m standing there and I’m worried because I could barely handle seeing Hardy go through this and Carver has kinda become my baby and then that’s DT flipping standing there eating soup and laughing and joking with his coworkers and I know what’s about to happen but I can’t prepare myself for it (there is no way to prepare yourself for seeing him in action the acting God that he is).

It wasn’t just that they called action that caused the street to go quiet. It was the fact that DT was standing there all his happy go lucky self and then in one second he like turned form DT to Carver. His stance, his body position, the way he walked, the look on his face it all changed and it was breathtaking. One second he was DT the next he was Carver and it wasn’t just the clothes. And then they called action and he’s just perfection. To see that, to see him act, to see the pain in his face, the fear, the emotions that Carver is going through in that instant as he begins to collapse and tries to hold himself up just a little bit longer. OH MY GOD. I can never fully express or explain this and I am so sorry that I lack the words because it was something that I will never forget. I thought I was excited to meet him before or to finally get a picture with him, no. Watching him work, seeing his craft in person up close I seriously started crying. Not sobbing or anything like that but it was so beautiful to see his ability and talent like that. We so often see the end product but to see how flawlessly he does it although from his interviews he doesn’t seem like it’s so flawless and I have no idea what is going through his head but there is a reason why we love his characters even if we hate them. On top of that to watch them film such a scene with emotion there were several people who were kind of choked up just because of the power he commands with his acting. 

Oh God! Thank you for sharing this experience!



как же я люблю тебя, человечек с разными ушами, кривым носом и непропорционально большими глазами… очень очень… очень люблю…

и мне лень переводить на английский, да. 

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#ThrowbackThursday David Tennant and Billie Piper in Doctor Who - The Idiot’s Lantern (2006)

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Happy Birthday, Robert Downey Jr. (4th April, 1965)

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