evolution of tennant: bright young things (2003) [trailer]


How can you say NO to that face???

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My lovely doctor

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New photo of David Tennant from @dayoftheFishDr 


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evolution of tennant: boots advert (2002) [watch: one, two]

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he’s blinking. you know how much I like it when he blinks.

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David Tennant - Live Earth (2007)

This photo-set ticks a lot of boxes for me:

  • hair ruffle
  • speaking with hands
  • great laugh
  • tight-fitting jeans
  • awesome t-shirt
  • dimple
  • stroking the chair (did I even have that as a tickable box?)

…I’m probably forgetting something, what with all of the box-ticking going on

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Happy Freckle Friday x

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And it happened again, for the second time… At first I thought this is Alec, but this is Emmett…and how should I move on?

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Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride (Part One)

…there are soooo many great behind-the-scenes photos from this episode - you can expect a “part two” photo-set soon!

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s coverage from DWM #378

The Doctor, Donna, and Lance have dismounted their Segways.  On one side of the corridor is a small, slightly sci-fi, completely false maintenance door, which the Doctor wrenches open, revealing an iron ladder reaching up.  “Wait here,” he says, “I just need to get my bearings…”
    “Why do I leave them there?” asks David.
    “Because,” embarks Euros [Lyn, director], “er…”
    “Why don’t they follow me up?”
    “Well, because,” persists Euros, “because, um…”
    “You don’t know, do you, Euros?”
    “No, I do,” laughs the director, “I think it’s because… well, it’s because you see a door.”  He shrugs.  “Don’t ask any more questions!”

"It very much depends on the actor’s background and physical abilities," says Dave Forman [stunt co-ordinator], "as to how you decide how far an actor can perform a stunt until his or her stunt double steps in.  David is very agile, and has no fear when it comes to performing action.  I think he has a lot of past experience in projects involving stunts, so he’s always very comfortable when I direct him.  I was a bit nervous about asking Catherine whether she’d be up for being harnessed horizontally from a ceiling, bound in a spider’s web, and then grab a rope and swing across the set into a stairwell!  I was quite surprised when she said yes to all…"

The rest of my behind-the-scenes photosets are available here

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David Tennant signing autographs at the world premiere of What We Did On Our Holiday

Freckles! And bottom lip! And eyelashes! And asdfghjkl…!!!

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"My ambition, tenacity, loyalty, ‘moods,’ grandiosity, occasional passive aggression, and my faith … That’s all her … and I wouldn’t have it any other way."

— Robert Downey Jr. on his mother Elsie.

Elsie Ann Ford (April 11, 1934 - September 22, 2014)

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I could watch him talk about paint dry and still find him highly sexy and fascinating.

I also miss shaven face….

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