Olivia Colman is nominated for Emmy Award for her role in Broadchurch… but David isn’t… Is it just me or something is wrong with this world? I really can’t understand… I really can’t help it… 

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David Tennant - Richard II

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Did anyone else find this funny though?

Carver goes to open the door but the officer opens it for him, and he’s like WTF *glares*

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Emmett Carver whips his hair.

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Sexy Detective Carver


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Annnniii, annni, if at all possible but if you can't it's ok, could we maybe have some HAPPY tlv?? *hides* just in case you want to throw something at me ;)



Because happy TLV = scary TLV :P

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Gracepoint ratings make me feel so bad… I know it’s not time to cry yet but I’m crying… Just because I remember that my first thought about this project back year ago was “it will be fail”. God knows how much I tried banish this thought and be supportive and wish as much luck as I can… But now I feel like my thought is about to be true. I know I just need to stop thinking about it and wait till the season finale… But if someone can say something comfort, please, say… 

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That was such a powerful scene. Why has nobody gifted it yet?

Just look at his eyes… Just listen to his faltering voice…

Gracepoint episode 5 promos

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Through dark and light I fight to be


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"Do you have kids?"    


David’s change in expression here is amazing. Suddenly there’s such vulnerability and an underlying current of fear. Even his voice changes completely, and for one fleeting moment Emmett Carver is laid bare.

I know! It’s amazing. Wow. You so KNOW that children are a big deal for him, and he’s hurt by it and.. AAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!


New Gracepoint behind-the-scenes photos

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